Manage your IP from the first patents !

Start-up and Very Small Companies are successful when their first patents are used to build a solid foundation for their development. When Industrial Property is properly managed from the very beginning, it provides efficient decision-making support throughout the patents’ full life-cycle. As such, it becomes an integral part of the company’s strategy.

France Brevets, a major French investment fund dedicated to patents, estimates that start-up which properly manage their patent portfolio increase by 3 their chances of success over 10 years.

PI Motion provides efficient, cost-effective tools specifically adapted to Start-up and Very Small Companies : “PI Planner” software enables you to manage your first patents and supports your company throughout its expansion, if necessary completed by a Patent Watch tool, and/or an IP Strategy Consulting tool.

According to the French organization INPI, all companies should define a proper Industrial Property strategy; the size of the company itself is irrelevant, only the dedicated financial means need to match the company’s profile.


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