Simplify and manage your Intellectual Property according to a Business perspective !

Are you looking for a better way of managing your inventions, patents, brands and trademarks? Outgrowing the limits of spreadsheets or a home-grown database, or frustrated with a clunky docketing system?

Small, Medium-size and Intermediate-size Enterprises are successful when their Industrial Property management enables them to meet their commercial goals. It is a fact that investing in IP is instrumental for companies to remain competitive, attract investors and convince potential partners; in addition, properly managed Industrial Property increases the value of the company’s intangible capital.

When patent information is fully accessible, shared, and organized, the industrial property strategy is well managed and easy to align with the company’s short, medium and long-term development objectives.

Whatever the size of your patent portfolio – from only a few to several thousand – PI Motion’s software solutions reduce the need for dedicated internal resources; all data necessary for optimum decision-making is easily accessible in real time, and provides the IP “Big Picture” of your company.

According to the French organization INPI, all companies should define a proper IP strategy; the size of the company itself is irrelevant, only the dedicated financial means need to match the company’s profile.


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