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PI PLANNER : Collaborative software solution to centralize intellectual property issues on a single tool

Collaborative software solution to centralize intellectual property issues on a single tool

An ergonomic and intuitive user-oriented solution to help you focus on the most important :
Your know how !

A panorama of each patent family in a “click”

  • PI Planner helps you make information clear and accessible to all players of your innovation ecosystem.
  • All your datas scattered across different systems, spreadsheets or databases, are now collected and connected in one place.
  • Visualize your extension plans, the progress of your procedures and the due dates of maintenance fees.

A collaborative approach for an effective management

  • Build your action plans and visualize them in a shared agenda.
  • Structure all the documentation attached to your patents families.
  • Capture the R & D activity of your engineers and store it in invention declarations.
  • Manage your inventors and their inventive activity pay.

Keep control of your IP budget

  • Register your bills and licenses revenues on each patent family.
  • Easily prepare your budget.
  • Visualize in one click the projected evolution of your portfolio costs over the next years.

An overview of the dynamics of your portfolio as a decision support tool

  • The indicators provide a global view of your organization portofolio , by type of asset, location, technology, in order to focus your investments on high-potential axes.

Roadmaps and simplified reporting

  • Un One pager with highlights of your IP activity.
  • Report in one click on all or part of your portfolio according to your needs.

Practically, setting up PI Planner is a quick and easy process:  it does not necessitate any “installation” as such, and therefore does not entail any installation costs.  We create your account within an hour, you select your content, we ensure that you are comfortable with the tool. From that point on, you can manage your account in a totally secured way. You subscribe to use the tool on a yearly basis : there is no limit to the number of users – you decide who can access and how, at no extra cost, and you benefit from all subsequent upgrades.

In the case of large portfolios we can recover data from patent databases.

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  • Clear pricing
  • All the features of PI Planner
  • Online training
  • Unlimited storage for IP documents
  • As many user accounts as you want
  • Automatic update of the software
  • Hosting your database on our servers in Saas mode
  • Deploying PI Planner locally on your server (Intranet use)


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