Public organisations

Our offer is designed to meet the needs of public organisations

Public organisations are successful when they can largely disseminate their knowledge and make it benefit the economy in a quick, simple, flexible and efficient manner.

When patent information is properly centralized, it becomes easy to share among all parties concerned, such as laboratories and industrial companies.  

PI Motion’s software solutions enable you to work as a team, in close collaboration with your counterparts, both internal and external. The software can be stored either in SaaS mode or locally on your servers. This set-up enables you to manage a complex ecosystem comprising numerous entities of various natures, and provides very precise management of each and every user’s rights. 

“Knowledge and technology generated in universities and Research organisations can have immense economic and societal benefit. A robust IP policy ensures that this value is maximized and protected”. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) source

public organisations


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