logiciel de gestion de portefeuille brevets


What is PI Motion ?


The main activity of PI motion is the development of IT solutions for the management and optimization of patent portfolios within companies and organizations. Our goal is to create simple and effective solutions to meet most of the needs of an organization holds patent portfolios. The solutions provided by PI Motion complement the various existing institutional supports and services offered by consulting firms in intellectual property.


For Who’m is the PI Planner software ?


PI Planner addresses any companies, research centers, universities that owns IP assets. Due to its ease of use and affordable cost, it is particularly suitable for medium-sized structures and SMEs.


What is Pi Trader ?


PI Trader is a platform for the valuation of patents by linking the various actors of industrial property rights market, worlwide. It allows an industrial property rights holder (company, research center, individual inventor) to sell or to offer licenses of his patents.

PI Trader also allows potential investors to be informed automatically through ad hoc multi-criteria searches for patents on sales on the market. This relationship of the parties is confidential and without restraint from the company PI Motion. It causes no commission and no additional cost


Who is the platform Pi Trader?

PI Trader is a web platform for sale or licence granting of patents by linking the various actors of industrial property rights market. It allows an industrial property rights holder (company, research center, individual inventor) to bring to the attention of a large number of investors and intermediaries his wishes to sell or license his patent. It allows investors to be informed automatically  through multi-criteria monitoring of patents on sales on the market.


Who can access the ads listing ?

To ensure maximum visibility, the search result is directly accessible to every Internet user and without prior registration. We pay special attention to the website search engines optimization and perform permanent promotion to potential investors or companies.


What kind of IP rights can I ad ?

Only issued patents or published applications may be stored on the site. A check of the truthfulness of the elements of the announcement is made by the PI Trader team before publication on the site.


How do place my first ad?

  1. Create an account by clicking on “My Account” and fill in the requested information.
  2. Follow the instructions in our guide: Guide to place a patent sale ad on PI-Trader


Can I change my ad after is publication?

You can always edit the content of your ad, hide it or delete it. The changes does not generate any additional cost.


Will there be any costs inherent in the linking of an advertiser and a potential investor?

No, the link between the advertiser and the potential investor is done directly, without additional cost or moderation from  PI Trader side.


How do I know if my ad was read?

Each advertiser has a personalized follow-up and monitoring indicator of the number of visits to his ad.

This indicator is only visible from the advertiser account.


How to set up a watch with automatic alert?

You must first launch a search with the keywords in the PI Trader search engine. After the display of the results, you will have the possibility to save an alert by entering an email address. You can define as many alert as you need for your monitoring. Warning, do not forget to check the boxes “sales” and / or “transfer of license” in your search, otherwise the search result will be empty.



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